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Loki Marvel 3D Mini-Backpack

SKU E 081161616
3D Mini-Backpack
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 013244690548
Manufacturer: BioWorld
Brand: Marvel
Purchased From: Entertainment Earth
MSRP/Retail: 73.99
My Purchase Price: 44.10
Shipping Cost to Add: 9
Posting on Mercari: Y
Facebook Post: 12/23/21

There's nothing mini about this Loki mini-backpack. Join the God of Mischief's team with this synthetic faux leather Loki 3D mini-backpack. The alligator-leather inspired outer design gives a shout-out to alligator Loki while giving the backpack a level of sophistication fitting to the Prince of Asgard. The faux leather horns representing Loki's signature helmet give the backpack a 3D design and the open front pocket is adorned with a bronze colored metal Marvel logo plaque. The adjustable shoulder straps can be worn as two straps across the back or as a crossbody strap adding versatility to the backpack.

  • Features a top zipper closure, front zippered pocket
  • Includes adjustable shoulder straps and convertible shoulder strap to crossbody strap.
  • Measures approximately 11 1/4-inches wide x 13-inches tall x 6 1/4-inches deep.
  • Ages 14 and up.

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