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Catspaw Game of Thrones Foam Blade Replica

Catspaw Game of Thrones Foam Blade Replica

SKU: E 042341643

Say it with me: Tyrion was framed!


This foam replica from Game of Thrones models the Valyrian Steel dagger known as Catspaw. The blade played a key role in the HBO series. It is the blade Catelyn Stark recovered from the assassin sent to kill her son, Bran. She took it to King's Landing to show Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys. Eventually, it became in Bran's possession, who then gave it to his skilled sister Arya Stark. The Valyrian steel blade was essential in the defeat of the Night King during the battle at Winterfell. 


This officially licensed foam reproduction of the Catspaw blade is made of high quality polyurethane foam. Painted details produce a realistic "dragon bone" with gold and ruby red faux jeweled accents. This catspaw foam replica has an inner fiberglass armature to keep it straight and true during the rigors of battle. 


  • Overall length: 19 1/2 inches
  • Blade length: 10 3/8 inches 
  • Safe TV Prop reproduction
  • Comes in full color collector's box
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