• Filch figure is approximately 3" tall, Mrs. Norris is approximately 2.5" tall
  • Box has been opened to identify character and resealed
  • Figures are individually wrapped in box for protection
  • Set includes 2 figures and 2 boxes
  • Probability ratio (Rarity) for Filch is 1/24 and Mrs. Norris 1/12

Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris Mystery Mini Set Harry Potter [Series 3]

SKU: E 062230300
  • The Hogwarts hall monitor never got his wish to hang students by their toes but he still has his trusty sidekick Mrs. Norris, the cat, in this 2-figure Mystery Mini Harry Potter Series 3 set. Filch's rarer mini (1/24) is paired with his feline friend (1/12) so they can keep an eye on all the Mischief being Managed!