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Zartan (Grey) G.I. Joe Funko Pop Retro Toys 12 Chase Limited Edition (BOX NOT MINT)

E 222241652VD
Chase Variant Limited Edition
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 889698509114
Manufacturer: Funko
Brand: G.I. Joe
Exclusive: Chase Variant Limited Edition

The leader of the Dreadnoks is given a Funko Pop in this G.I. Joe inspired Pop Retro Toys vinyl figure. The mercenary may have been hired by Cobra Commander but you won't be able to tell with this Chase Variant limited edition version. The master of disguise blends into his environment as he's changed his skin tone to grey. Grab your limited edition Chase Zartan Pop vinyl figure now before he disappears!

  • Pop Figure is in Mint Condition/NOT DAMAGED
  • Pop Box is Slightly Damaged
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