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Slytherin Harry Potter Mixblock Laptop Backpack

E 061161620
Harry Potter
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 013244284969
Manufacturer: BioWorld
Brand: Harry Potter

Pride, Ambition, Cunning...

Show off your Slytherin membership with this Slytherin Harry Potter Mixblock Laptop Backpack. The Slytherin snake stands out on the top design and in the house crest on the outside of the front pocket. A scripted "S" identifies Salazar Slytherin as the founder of the Hogwarts house amidst color blocking of the Slytherin signature green.

  • Due to a manufacturer mistake, the detachable Slytherin pull-zip lanyard features the incorrect house words. Price has been adjusted to account for the inaccuracy. We include the lanyard anyway to allow you to choose to keep it attached or remove it from the backpack.
  • Features front zipper pocket, laptop tech sleeve inside pocket
  • Made from Polyester and PP Webbing
  • Measures 16-inches x 11 1/4-inches x 4 1/2-inches.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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