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Nightcrawler X-Men Iron Studios MiniCo Statue

E 242212613
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Product Details
UPC: 618231950935
Manufacturer: Iron Studios
Brand: X-Men
Scale: Toy Art

From the middle of a purple cloud, “Bamf”, a popular onomatopoeia from Marvel’s universe, the charismatic blue elf from the X-Men uses his powers to teleport between dimensions! Nightcrawler's incredible acrobatic abilities are apparent as he's ready for action. From their popular Toy Art line Iron Studios brings one of the most beloved X-Men in the stylized MiniCo statue format.

The X-Men Nightcrawler MiniCo Vinyl Figure will look great displayed on a shelf in your home or office!

  • Made of plastic PVC
  • Hand painted
  • Measures approximately 6-inches tall x 5-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches long

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