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Death Eater Thorn Wand Harry Potter Wand Replica with Silver Swirl Death Eater Mask Stand

E 062311558
Death Eater Series
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 0849421006709
Manufacturer: The Noble Collection
Brand: Wizarding World
Exclusive: Mystery Wand Series 4

The death eaters, devotees of Lord Voldemort, worked in the shadows and hid behind intricately designed masks. Their wands were no different. This Death Eater Thorn wand has a smooth handle and very prickly point, warning anyone who comes near the bearer of this dark magic wand.

This wand replica comes with a black display stand, detailed with a silver "Dark Mark", the brand found on the forearms of Lord Voldemort's most devoted followers. A silver 3-D Death Eater's mask is attached to the front, completing the look of a truly devoted Death Eater.

The stand makes this wand a unique stand-out piece in your Harry Potter collection! Display it individually or as part of the Death Eater wand series!

  • Wand measures approximately 12" in length
  • Comes in box with stand base and 3-D Mask
  • Mystery Wand Series 4: Death Eaters
  • Additional Death Eater series wands sold separately

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