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Crait Showdown Star Wars The Last Jedi Lithograph Art Print by Rich Davies

SKU E 123140431
Lithograph Print
In stock
Product Details
Manufacturer: Acme Archives
Brand: Star Wars
Exclusive: Limited Edition # of 295
Purchased From: Entertainment Earth
MSRP/Retail: 38.99 (print) 24.99 (frame)
My Purchase Price: 24.90 (print) 10.62 (frame)
Shipping Cost to Add: 4 (w/o frame) 14 (w/ frame)
Posting on eBay: Y
Posting on Mercari: Y
Facebook Post: 10/15/21

Kind of reminds you of David and Goliath, doesn't it? A stunning fine-art lithograph inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this Star Wars: The Last Jedi Crait Showdown Lithograph Art Print by Rich Davies measures about 27-inches wide x 7 1/5-inches tall and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's a hand-numbered limited edition of just 295 unframed pieces depicting the face-off between Kylo Ren with his First Order fire power and Luke Skywalker. In his final moments, Luke stalls Kylo while Leia and her remaining Resistance forces flee the planet Crait.

  • Item comes rolled and packaged in a cardboard tube if "No Frame" is selected.
  • Black Acrylic frame measures 36" x 11.75"

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