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Cinderella Disney Cinderella Beast Kingdom Story Book Series DS-115 D-Stage Diorama Statue

E 022282464
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 4711203447344
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom
Brand: Cinderella
Scale: 6-Inch
Limited Edition: Story Book Series

Bringing the magical innocence of books to life, this Cinderella Disney Story Book Series Cinderella D-Stage DS-115 6-Inch Statue recreates a famous scene with a carefully crafted and colorful design.

The story of Cinderella follows a young but determined girl that wants more than anything to go to the ball! Wearing a pair of magical glass shoes and transforming into a beautiful princess, her night is turned upside down when the clock strikes midnight, sending her into a frenzy of outlandish events!

The statue showcases the elegant Cinderella walking down the stairs whilst the Grand Duke can be seen chasing her in the background!

A perfect opportunity to own a three-dimensional wonder from the fantastical world of Disney!

  • This statue measures approximately 5 1/3-inches tall x 4 1/2-inches wide.
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